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The Loxley

Located in the heart of Nottingham, The Loxley is an existing Stonegate Pub (formerly The Major Oak) which was refurbished and re-opened to the public in October 2017.


The design intention was to lighten and modernise the interior ensuring that the original brick walls and arches became a feature.


Operationally, the intention was to reposition the pub as ‘the best sports viewing venue’ in Nottingham. This sports focus was achieved through selective zoning to include ‘bookable booth seats with private TV’s along with big tub chairs and specific sports viewing areas.


The finishes, artwork and lighting stay true to the ‘proper pub’ concept of creating a traditional space in the heart of the community which invites customers to relax, refuel and socialise in a welcoming environment.


Stonegate Proper Pub




Oct 2017

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