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The Admiral Collingwood


JDW Free House


The building is based on the design of a gastropod shell, which is the spiral shaped shell often deemed to be the most beautiful of the marine shell designs. With a zinc roof that steps down to create a sweeping curve in the design, the architecture mimics the dorsal view of the spiral shell displaying an architectural whorl. The dome was designed to be the apex of the shell, a central hub through which light would cascade down into the pub below.


The interior creates a warm and inviting atmosphere from the entrance onwards. Upon walking in, visitors are drawn to look at the sculpture of a cascading wave which captures both the nature that surrounds Ilfracombe and the character of the pub.


A feeling of being in a seaside environment is captured subtly throughout this design. Stained driftwood planks are used on the wall in the area of the booth seating on the ground floor, which is contrasted against a copper fish scale ceiling that creates beautiful catches of light and interesting levels of reflectivity delicately suggesting the surface of the sea. The booth seats themselves are a deep purple leather and are separated by knotted rope screens. Above each booth sits three rustic metal spun pendants which hang from a single plank further adding to that authentic pub by the sea feel.



June 2014

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