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The Velvet Coaster

The Velvet Coaster, on Blackpool's famous promenade is a contemporary take on the British pub, heavily influenced by the history of Blackpool and some of its most famous features and attractions.

Large swooping steel beams over the vast roof terrace, are a real standout feature as you approach the building. These cleverly mirror both the motion of the nearby sea, and the shapes of a rollercoaster track, subtly yet very effectively.


The pub fits in seamlessly on the promenade, the design carefully considered to give an "attraction" feel to the pub itself, helped by free standing signage which resembles rollercoaster supports, illuminated by individual bulbs to give a real eye catching "fairground" flavour.


The entrance is fronted by an external terrace which features impressive gabion basket fixed seating, with bespoke table tops made from beach pebbles set in resin for an authentic and quirky Blackpool touch.


JDW Free House




May 2015

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