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Winners of the Quayle Award

Event: Quayle Awards Designers: Sarah Schofield and Kay Brannon Venue: The Castle Hotel Location: St Peter’s Square, Ruthin Project Entered: The Castle Hotel

This prestigious award is named after a distinguished Professor of Liverpool University, who as resident of Ruthin championed excellence in architecture. Each year a short list of potential candidates is drawn up and only if there is one of suitable quality is the award made. Factors that have to be taken into account are that the project should sympathetic to the area and improve its quality and character. It should enrich and enhance the life of Ruthin and have used appropriate materials. The project should have imaginatively and creatively produced something of outstanding quality.’

'The association believes that the work carried out in the redevelopment of the Castle Hotel well fulfils these criteria. The building had recently fallen into an alarming state of disrepair is now at the centre of the economic and social life of the town. It serves all the strata of the society of Ruthin and its surrounding area, and the improvements have helped bring a renew vitality to St Peter’s Square and enhance the economic viability of the surrounding businesses.’

We are very delighted to have won this award and we look forward to the presentation in April 2013.



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