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Anyone up for a challenge?

Earlier this month we were delighted to attend the opening of our first completed Ninja Warrior UK activity centre, along with ITV host Chris Kamara.

ITV's Hit TV show Ninja Warrior UK provides great family entertainment, as well as being both inspiring and aspirational, which is why ITV and its partners have created different types of Ninja Warrior UK indoor leisure venues across the UK, all geared to a wide range of ages and abilities. The family entertainment centres and venues are fun, safe and inclusive, enabling kids, adults, plus entire families and groups of friends, to create their own Ninja Warrior UK journeys and stories!

Ninja Warrior presents an all encompassing experience in leisure and fitness, with on site catering, spectator viewing and party rooms, allowing customers to experience the thrill of  mastering the challenging circuit and ultimately taking on "Mount Midoriama"




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